*MYSPACE BLOG* Jazz Review - Luna Nueva (Review by Thomas R. Erdmann)

Hey everyone,

Just letting you know that another great review of Luna Nueva was recently added by the fine people over at JazzReview.com. To get directly to the review, please click here.

I also wanna thank you for actually PURCHASING the album (in these days it's not a given, you know)! It's currently a bestseller on Audiophile Imports and among the top 30 bestselling jazz/fusion CDs on CD Baby! But hey, why stop there? Let's make it the #1 bestselling fusion CD!! If you haven't already ordered it, now's the time!

Luna Nueva can be found at the following stores/sites:

Abstract Logix

PLG Media (available as download as well)

Audiophile Imports

CD Baby (available as download as well)

iTunes (download only)

Amazon (download only)

Lala (download only)

Tradebit (download only)

Verizon V-Cast (phone application - download only)

Napster (download only)

Great Indie Music (download only)

Didiom (phone application - download only)

ShockHound (download only - will be available shortly)

I'll be back with some more updates within the next couple of weeks, stay tuned...


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