*MYSPACE BLOG* Debut solo CD update + Sampler

YES, it is true, in early September we put the final touches to the mix & got it mastered (I thought I'd never see the day), and listening to it again just now I must say it sounds FANTASTIC! I'm really excited about the whole thing, and I can't wait to let all of you fusion aficionados out there hear it!!


It's been in the making since 2006, and due to various circumstances (too many to list here) it's taken way longer than expected to finish. Recorded on and off over the last couple of years & mixed/mastered this summer @ Moose Studio by the great Kalle Persson (see my "Top Friends"), I can now - at last! - present to you some samples!


The CD contains 10 originals composed by yours truly (except for one track), and joining me on this project are the extremely talented:


Aron Mellergårdh - Drums/percussion/loops
Andreas Ekstedt - Percussion
Erik Linder - Guitar
Jonathan Fritzén - Keyboard
Jonas Isaksson - Guitar
Arvid Svenungsson - Keyboards/loops
Jens Filipsson - Alto saxophone
Calle Stålenbring - Guitar


Otmaro Ruiz, Jason Rebello, Eric Marienthal & Jay Oliver!

(all of the above are listed under "Top Friends", with the exception of Arvid Svenungsson, but for now you can check the Split Vision MySpace page for some more info on him)


I don't have a release date set, however, a record deal is being worked on, and I'll of course keep you updated here as things progress on that front! So, in the meantime - enjoy the sampler and let me know what you think!!




Ps. I'll probably be adding some "in the making"-footage in a not-too-distant future... so keep checking back!

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