*MYSPACE BLOG* Update 4 - Where to buy Luna Nueva

You can now purchase Luna Nueva from Swedish record label Zink Music's online store! Although they ship worldwide, it's mainly a good alternative for those of you who are living in Sweden and don't feel like waiting 1-2 weeks for delivery. Also, they will be present at the big record fair in Solnahallen on February 27, so if you're living in the vicinity of Stockholm (or just happen to be visiting during that weekend) this would be a great opportunity to get your hands on some fine music!

If you prefer to use another store, I have listed a few of the other places where you can find Luna Nueva below.

Abstract Logix

PLG Media (CD/download - ships from Sweden)

Audiophile Imports

CD Baby (CD/download)

iTunes (download only)

Amazon (CD/download)

Lala (download only)

Tradebit (download only)

Verizon V-Cast (phone application - download only)

Napster (download only)

Great Indie Music (download only)

Didiom (phone application - download only)

More updates later, stay tuned...

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