*MYSPACE BLOG* New album update (March '11)

Hey guys,

Sorry about the recent radio silence, hectic times! As those of you who have read the previous posts know, the plan was to finish the mixing & mastering of the new album in late December. Unfortunately time ran out on us (as it always tends to do), and due to conflicting schedules it wasn't until late February that we managed to get together again and get the mastering done.

The last few weeks me & Peter Almgren have been hard at work putting the final touches to the album artwork. We decided early on to try a more sparse look this time (Peter also did the design for Luna Nueva), and now that I have the finished artwork in front of me all I can say is that not only does this record sound great, it's going to look great as well! (A reason as good as any to get your hands on a physical copy upon its release, huh!?)

The new album is entitled Painter's Portrait & will be released on Innate Groove Records. Keep you posted on the release date..

[Missing image] The album cover.

Track listing:
1. "Ghost of a Second (Prologue)"

2. "Dark Horse"

3. "Painter's Portrait"

4. "Rope Walk"

5. "Just a Thought (Interlude)"

6. "Beyond Borders"

7. "Via del Mare"

8. "For What It's Worth"

9. "Up for Grabs"

10. "The Coming Storm (Epilogue)"


Aron Mellergårdh - Drums

Steinar Aadnekvam - Guitar

Jens Filipsson - Baritone/alto/soprano sax & flute

Steve Weingart - Keys

Jonas Isaksson - Guitar

Brandon Fields - Alto sax

Karl Persson - Drums
Jonne Bentlöv - Trumpet
Andreas Ekstedt - Percussion
Erik Linder - Guitar
Jonah Nilsson - Vocals
Peter Fredriksson - Trombone
Jason Rebello - Keys
Oskar Nilsson - Vocals
Bob Mintzer - Soprano sax & EWI


Starting tomorrow - and over the next weeks - I'll be posting some samples, so keep checking back & let me know what you think!


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