*MYSPACE BLOG* December update

Hey everyone, a quick report from the studio!

Me & Karl Persson spent Tuesday recording sax & flute with Jens Filipsson. Listening back to Luna Nueva, I felt like I wanted to make this 2nd album a bit more diverse in some aspects. As I've told you earlier, there's some chanting/a cappella singing on the album - another new thing is that Jens is featured on flute, soprano, alto & baritone sax this time. Having these different sounds certainly adds a cool vibe to the project that I really like, and I'm sure you will too! Unfortunately time ran out on us this week, so we still have a little bit of soprano/alto left to record, but we'll finish up within the next few days!

[Missing image] Jens tracking sax/flute.

Having a real horn section on this album was also one of the first decisions I made. I actually had plans to have one on Luna Nueva, but it didn't work out for various reasons. For this record though, I was determined to have one! Just as with the vocal arranging I wrote about in my earlier post, having a real horn section on a few songs gave me the chance to try arranging for horns - something I've wanted to do since first hearing Michel Camilo's brilliant record, One More Once. Even though it was a first for me, I think the arrangements came out really nice, and Jens, Jonne Bentlöv & Peter Fredriksson pulled it all off beautifully!

[Missing image] Jens, Jonne & Peter talking about & trying out one of the arrangements.

Last thing we did was Steinar Aadnekvam's acoustic guitar solo. For those of you who haven't heard about him, Steinar is an amazingly gifted guitarist, playing - almost exclusively - the nylon-string guitar, and focusing mainly on brazilian/latin music. He just released his debut album Simple Things, an album I highly recommend btw! So, anyway, he came in, tore it up & we ended up with a really cool solo!!

[Missing image] Steinar going through the chart.

Me & KP will start mixing real soon, and aim to have it done before the end of the year.. fingers crossed!


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