Equanimity update - Lineup (Pt. VI)


The idea to have Jonne play flugelhorn on some song was originally conceived during the writing stages of my second album Painter's Portrait. However, the song I had intended for him to play on was scrapped in favor of "Just a Thought (Interlude)" shortly before recording began, so it never materialized. Jonne still appeared on that album though, playing trumpet as part of the horn section that was featured on a couple of tunes, but I digress. Fast forward to the writing of Equanimity, and one of the first things I did was to compose a song with Jonne's playing in mind. He is such a melodic & tasteful player, and his phrasing is just beautiful, so I wanted a fitting vehicle for that kind of playing. Something a bit more serene, mellow & ambient sounding, and I must say it turned out gorgeous!

Jonne is keeping busy with a number of projects - he's got a new album due out soon with Jonne Bentlöv Quintet, an EP & a full-length CD coming later this year with Neighbourhood (a band that also includes saxophonist Jens Filipsson, a familiar name to those of you who have my first two albums), and he's currently recording and touring with Swedish Grammy winners Bo Kaspers Orkester, considered one of Scandinavia's most acclaimed live acts and best-selling groups.


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