*MYSPACE BLOG* New album update

Hey everyone,


Hope you're doing good out there. Been a while since my last post, so I figured it's about time I brought you up to speed on how things are going with the new album!

It has taken us a wee while longer than expected, but after months of hard work (and a healthy amount of scrutiny!) we have finished recording the drums on my as-yet-untitled 2nd album. I'm psyched about the way it sounds so far, the guys have really done a brilliant job! There's plenty of killer stuff happening drum-wise, that's for sure!!

[Missing image] Aron laying down the groove.


While waiting for the drums to be recorded I took the opportunity of finishing up on various keyboard parts, so, pretty much all of the keys have been recorded as well. Next up is the low end, needless to say, that should be lotsa fun!! The plan is to commence tracking bass this week, however, with past experiences in mind (and also taking into consideration that I'm gonna have a bit of maintenance done on my basses first), it'll probably be another week or so.. bear with me!

Now, to answer some common questions I've been getting lately:

Regarding the music & the direction it's headed in - although we're still at a fairly early stage & the music's still evolving, I don't think it will differ that much from Luna Nueva in the end. The biggest difference probably is that it won't be as guitar-heavy this time, and also that I'll incorporate a few new elements on this record (more about that later).

[Missing image] A glimpse of the new music...

Regarding the artwork - I'm bringing back Peter Almgren, who did a fabulous job last time on Luna Nueva. I'm very happy to have him onboard for the project, we've already exchanged some cool ideas, and I look forward to see what he comes up with!

Regarding the mixing/mastering - Karl Persson will once again be at the helm to make sure it sounds just as good as the debut (if not better!), and in addition to that he's sharing drum duties with Aron Mellergårdh on the album, playing drums on one track.

[Missing image] Karl trying out the arrangement.


Another thing that quite a few of you have asked me about is the line-up, if there will be any special guest appearances and so on. So, below is a list of the cats (some old, some new) that will be featured on this release:

Erik Linder (guitar)
Jonas Isaksson (guitar)
Jens Filipsson (sax/flute)
Bob Mintzer (sax/ewi)
Kristian Persson (trombone)
Jonne Bentlöv (trumpet/flugelhorn)
Jonah Nilsson (vocals)
Oskar Nilsson (vocals)
Jason Rebello (keys)
Andreas Ekstedt (percussion)
Karl Persson (drums)

Ok, that's all I got for now! I'll try to update this space more frequently as recording continues. If you have any questions regarding the new album (or my music in general, for that matter), please leave me a comment/message, and I'll do my best to answer them in my next post!


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