*MYSPACE BLOG* Guest appearance on Jonathan Fritzén's new album

Jonathan Fritzén - who can be heard tickling the ivories on the title track of Luna Nueva - released his 2nd album VIP on May 22. The album features smooth jazz artists Jay Soto (guitar), Michael Lington (sax), Greger Hillman (sax) & singer Laila Adéle.

I was invited to make a guest appearance on the track "Day After Day" along with partner-in-crime/drummer extraordinaire Aron Mellergårdh (who played a big part in the making of Luna Nueva). It was a lot of fun, and from what Jonathan's told me the response from listeners & buyers have been great so far!


In addition to the ones mentioned above, there's a bunch of really good supporting players on there too, so I feel super fortunate to have been included on this release! If you like your smooth jazz well-crafted, slick & melodic (hey now, wait a minute, who doesn't!?), then you gotta check this out!

For now, VIP is available at Amazon & iTunes.

Btw, make sure to visit Jonathan's MySpace page (you can find him among my "Top Friends"), as well as his homepage, for all the latest in the smooth world of JF. 

Later y'all!

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