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Amazing work on those 2 tracks, Johannes. Very musical and tasteful playing! You've played attentive and extremely thoughtful to / around / against / with my drums and elevated what I tried to bring across - and what I was perhaps hoping for - even further. Instant fan. I'll send you a message about ordering 'Equanimity' right away. Stay in touch? :-)
OK, when can I hear something new? You know I'm crazy about your music. :) Just looking forward to the next album.
Great website my friend! I see big success for you. I hope we can work together in the future! All the best, Scott
Support you anytime anyday.
Awesome work and 3 fantastic and mesmerizing albums! A BIG thank you! What musicians are you mostly influenced and inspored by?
Just listened to "Second Nature" on your YouTube "hashtag" page. Your band is monstrous! Tom Walsh and his section did a fabulous job! I found out about you through Tom's Soundcloud teaser.
Fantastic music!
Fantastiskt! Painters Portrait nu en stående favorit hos mig. Kören i början är magisk.
Hej. Upptäckte din platta efter att läst en kommentar på en gemensam väns Facebook sida , Henrik Linder. Måste säga att plattan är riktigt monsterbra , grymma låtar , bra produktion. Jag är själv basist och lyssnar på Jazz , Soul , Funk , Westcoast En platta som jag alltid avgudat är "Souvenir" med David Hungate ( Toto) , din platta påminner en hel del om den p,g,à ljudbilden , låtarna , soundet men ändå absolut ingen kopia . Ser fram emot nästa platta. Jag skriver själv oxå och mitt projekt börjar spelas in inom kort , stilen blir lite mer åt Steely Dan , Pages , Toto .... /Robban.
I am a keyboard player and I really enjoy your compositions...and the excellent musicianship!
åhhh nu ska jag köpa skivan!

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