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Equanimity update - Lineup (Pt. I)



When it became clear that Aron Mellergårdh wouldn't be able to make the recording this time around due to his growing commitments with Dirty Loops, I set out searching for someone to step in and take over the drumming duties. Considering the music covers a lot of ground and can be quite technically demanding at times, I needed someone who could play real solid time, and with chops galore to boot - enter Jonathan Lundberg.


Me & Jonathan crossed paths briefly back in 2008 already, when I was over at Erik Linder's studio tracking guitars for Luna Nueva, and Erik's brother Henrik (of Dirty Loops fame) & Jonathan were there working on Jonathan's solo project. Since then we've bumped into each other here and there, and over the years it's become obvious that we have a lot of the same influences musically, so it really was a no-brainer to contact him when looking for Aron's replacement. Besides being an amazing session player, he's a great guy and a great hang! He also plays a mean double pedal, which, as it happened, turned out to come in handy...


As mentioned above, Jonathan has a solo project which is well worth checking out. For more info, please visit


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